Marketing Tactics That Can Increase Conversions

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is not solely based on being able to create an outstanding website that will highlight the products and services offered. The website must gain traffic and from these traffic, the conversions. If at some point, you find that the business is facing some uncertainties, you need to take a step back and analyze strategies that will work towards success. Some tactics that can be put to good use include the following:

Offer good content to your audience

Good and quality content can drive traffic to your site but you must be able to figure out how to convert the traffic you will be generating. The primary goal of content is to provide information to an audience and at the same time make conversions. However, how do you use content to convince the audience to leave their contact information? Give them some cheap forms of promotion as incentive but the problem is generating interest solely on the basis of the gift that they are bound to receive. A suggestion is to create a highly targeted campaign that will only resonate with your targeted audience. An example is Ryan Holiday who gave away a book in exchange for a subscription to his newsletter. Ryan assumed that only those who love reading his books will scramble for the giveaway.

Use social media to promote customer testimonials

The most effective of all marketing strategies is word-of-mouth advertisements from customers who were satisfied with the product or service. Apart from posting customer testimonials on your website, why not try posting customer tweets of appreciation as social proof? The tweet will arouse curiosity even if it will not immediately generate conversions. Customer testimonials can also be posted on your Facebook page to generate all those likes and shares that can optimize your search engine page rankings. Request testimonials from loyal customers Online shoppers always look for informative content they can use as basis for comparison for products they plan to purchase. In order to ensure conversions, request customers to write testimonials highlighting the way your product has helped them. Credibility is very essential to the success of a business and what better way to build a reputation than through the trust of loyal customers that is highly apparent from their testimonials.

How To Prepare Website Content For The Holiday Season

The internet makes it relatively easy for Christmas shoppers to buy gifts without the need to compete with crowds at the malls. If you are an online entrepreneur it is the perfect time to prepare your internet marketing strategies. Even if you sell through a physical store, it is important to have online presence because shoppers usually research online before they shop.

holiday_marketingThe holiday season is very important because nearly 20% of sales happen before Christmas. Since shoppers usually turn to the internet to research for gifts, it is important to create content designed specifically for holiday shoppers. For example, an infographic can be created regarding money saving tips when buying gifts. If visual content is your choice, make sure it is designed to answer questions about the product or service. There is also nothing wrong about designing a holiday-themed logo for the website and marketing promotions.

It is very likely for shoppers to use Google when they search for holiday gifts. To ensure that your content will not be worthless, make use of keywords that are holiday-related. For example, a shopper looking for camping gear may type camping gear holiday gift ideas. Jewelry is popular gift for the holidays. Use jewelry with words that are closely associated with the holiday season; for example, Christmas jewelry gifts or jewelry for the holidays. Choose your keywords carefully to improve your search engine results.

Holiday searches are frequently done through mobile. Google recommends giving your target audience a good mobile experience. There is still time left to optimize the site for mobile. You can outsource responsive web design to the professionals who will ensure that your content behaves properly on any screen size. Double check whether your site works in different platforms by accessing your website through your own mobile phone or tablet.

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Why Small Businesses Need Internet Marketing To Survive And Thrive

There are some businesses that do not actually sell anything online and yet they make the effort to maintain a website. Does it seem pointless for them to have online presence considering that products and services are offered in a brick and mortar store in the city? Ten years ago, businesses have a choice whether or on to join the online bandwagon because people were not yet that addicted to the internet.

A business that has no online presence loses the opportunity to sell to one in four Americans who make at least one online purchase every week. It also loses the potential to generate leads and conversions from Facebook users and Smartphone users who prefer to search online for a product before eventually buying from a physical store. Today, having a website is not enough; it must be optimized for search engines and social media because it is where you will find potential customers.

Many small businesses complain of the lack of time and money to do online marketing. However, 85% of searches for products and services are conducted online which makes online marketing a must for a small business to survive and thrive. Being online means having a responsive and search optimized website with social media and email as part of the marketing mix. The good thing is online marketing is easy to do nowadays with automated marketing solutions.

Automated marketing solutions ensure consistent and frequent updates across different platforms. Whatever data is tracked from social media, email marketing and other online strategies can easily be measured to determine which of the marketing campaigns are most effective. Online marketing is not always about selling but promoting a presence in social media so that the physical location can be found. When hash tags are used, it helps customers connect to the brand to gain more traffic and leads.

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How To Apply Online Marketing In Promoting Your Artworks

first-marketsNew artists are struggling to get their artworks noticed – it can either be a painting, a piece of decoration or illustrated maps. All of these may be found in different forms but all are considered work of arts. For struggling artists, their budget for marketing is usually limited thus their work are not able to reach a wider audience. Thanks to the internet, there are now many ways to promote one’s art online without having to spend too much money.

Here are some tips on how to do free online marketing and promote your artworks online:

  • This is the easiest and the most effective method. It is used even by the biggest companies and brands to even promote their products. Blogging offers a lot of benefits to an artist. It can be used as a method to promote your creation, sell them to your audience and give them customer service at the same time. If you have an existing website where you display your arts or images of your creations, it does not mean that you will be able to sell. If no one is visiting your website, it is because the public is not aware of it. Blogging is the best way to disseminate information regarding your art website.
  • Social media platforms. Social media now plays a big role in almost everyone’s everyday life. There are the most popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook where you can make your art more visible and build a network of followers.
  • Video making. Youtube is the number 2 most used website right after Google so it only makes sense for you to create your own videos about your artwork or illustrated maps and post them for people to see and appreciate. It might also lead to some wanting to purchase.
  • Online forums. There are millions of online forums and you just have to find the one that relates to what you are trying to promote. Connect with users while promoting your artwork or illustrated maps at the same time. It will also be a way to lead them to your website.

5 Tips To Ensure Profitable Results In Your Social Media Campaign

It is without doubt that social media has become powerful enough to increase a business ‘website traffic, leads and sales. In order for B2B’s to leverage on the power, it is very important to have great content on the website; content that will be interesting for the target audience. Website content that can be used for internet marketing includes blogs, videos, webinars, eBooks, etc.  When social media is used to extend the reach of the website content, it can be shared to increase website traffic.

How to ensure profitable results in content marketing

  1. It is for certain that there are potential customers who do not know a thing about your company. These potential customers include people who might like the products you sell with a likely chance of buying your product. What social media platforms do these potential customers use? Gain online presence on the social media platforms where your target audience gathers and provide them with the type of content they will consume and share.
  2. It is very likely that you have used a logo on your main website; use the same logo on your social media platform. The keywords you used on the website needs to be present in your social media profile to be easily accessed by search engine spiders.
  3. Your social media presence is determined by your content and engagement. It is important to share useful and engaging content 80% of the time through pictures, videos, blog posts, contests and questions. The remaining 20% can be used for promotional content.
  4. Content must be customized according to the social media platform. If you are using Twitter, don’t forget your hash tags. Use as many visuals as possible for your Facebook content to entertain visitors.
  5. Analyze your posts and determine which gets the most clicks and shares. Look particularly for your posts that generate the most interactions, shares and comments.

Implementing a marketing campaign in social media is not easy but there are professionals that can help with content marketing in Melbourne whether you goal is the acquisition of new customers or to grow your existing customer values. Allow the experts to take care of your content in social media so that you can focus on what you do best.

How To Make Your Printing Business A Success In Marketing

Despite the modern world we live in, we cannot deny the fact that printing still plays a very important role in our daily life. Marketing is a very important aspect in order for a business to be successful and marketing can be compared with how the printing industry works. The first thing one should be bold enough to do is take a step and that first step is knowing what are the basic of marketing a business such as a printing company.

You can’t market to customers that you have a remarkable service unless you really do. Printing nowadays is still considered to belong in the commodity industry. It can also be categorized under custom manufacturing industry. One might say that the process is as ordinary as printing ink on a piece of paper but the truth is that the industry is remarkable. In order to market your business, you must also realize why the customers would find you worthy and it can be done by taking a few risks when doing your marketing.

You should know what sets your business apart from any other printing businesses. Be specific when stating these facts and not just general such as selling your quality and service. State how your services are delivered correctly 99% of the time and any errors are fixed right away. Understanding your customers is also very important. Interacting with them will make you know them better. One thing that will set you apart from other businesses is that if you go to your customers instead of waiting for them to go to you. You could use this opportunity by checking what other printing services their office needs.

After knowing what sets your business apart and identifying the type of clients you are targeting, it is the best time to create your identity using these knowledge. Last thing that Perth printers should keep in mind is to always have a plan. Marketing should be a consistent effort and is not over after doing it once. Marketing plan should be consistently followed in order to gain more clients and businesses.