Marketing Tactics That Can Increase Conversions

Internet marketing is not solely based on being able to create an outstanding website that will highlight the products and services offered. The website must gain traffic and from these traffic, the conversions. If at some point, you find that the business is facing some uncertainties, you need to take a step back and analyze strategies that will work towards success. Some tactics that can be put to good use include the following:

Offer good content to your audience

Good and quality content can drive traffic to your site but you must be able to figure out how to convert the traffic you will be generating. The primary goal of content is to provide information to an audience and at the same time make conversions. However, how do you use content to convince the audience to leave their contact information? Give them some cheap forms of promotion as incentive but the problem is generating interest solely on the basis of the gift that they are bound to receive. A suggestion is to create a highly targeted campaign that will only resonate with your targeted audience. An example is Ryan Holiday who gave away a book in exchange for a subscription to his newsletter. Ryan assumed that only those who love reading his books will scramble for the giveaway.

Use social media to promote customer testimonials

The most effective of all marketing strategies is word-of-mouth advertisements from customers who were satisfied with the product or service. Apart from posting customer testimonials on your website, why not try posting customer tweets of appreciation as social proof? The tweet will arouse curiosity even if it will not immediately generate conversions. Customer testimonials can also be posted on your Facebook page to generate all those likes and shares that can optimize your search engine page rankings. Request testimonials from loyal customers Online shoppers always look for informative content they can use as basis for comparison for products they plan to purchase. In order to ensure conversions, request customers to write testimonials highlighting the way your product has helped them. Credibility is very essential to the success of a business and what better way to build a reputation than through the trust of loyal customers that is highly apparent from their testimonials.

Internet Marketing Through Informative And Responsible Content

Over the past few years, the influence of internet on businesses has become stronger than ever. Businesses prefer to publish content instead of spending a fortune on advertisements because informative and responsible content can establish authority and gain the trust of consumers. Content that catches the attention of the target audience involves relevant industry information that either provides insight or entertainment.

Online marketing strategies

  1. In order to build proper rapport with your audience, you can publish content through social media, articles through business websites and newsletters. By using one or more of these channels, you can easily build a professional reputation in the industry. The traditional trends of marketing to the masses through TV and radio have become less effective because people spend more time online.
  2. Social media for businesses must be diverse. You need not limit your online marketing campaign on the biggies like Facebook and Twitter. There are other sites where audiences gather like Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. Instagram is fast gaining a lot of popularity which makes it easy to build an audience for your business.
  3. Since consumers are being subjected to a lot of advertisements and marketing messages, make sure that your content is quickly and easily digestible. If you will take a look at social media sites, you will notice that more emphasis is placed on images. Successful blogs that have received the most number of social shares make use of images to break content. While traditional text-based blogs are still significant, incorporating images will make them more interesting to your audience.

In order not to overwhelm your audience, make the effort to tone down your marketing messages. Always remember that sometimes less is more particularly since consumers are inundated with lots advertisement’s everywhere they look. If you have an important message, make sure to keep it short, simple but direct to the point to simplify the consumer’s life.

For example, if you are going to blog about ribbon, there is so much you can mention about it in your blog. You can write about various ribbon crafts, colorful satin ribbons for décor and unique gift wrapping suggestions through ribbons.

E-commerce’ Guide This Holiday Season To Increase Sales


For online businesses, the holiday season is vital as it comprises a big percentage in the total sales of a company within a year. Revenue during the holiday is higher than any other time of the year. This is why this part of the year is important to every business whether online or a physical store. There are some things that can be used as a guide in order to increase sales during the holidays.

  • Get to know the customers. It is important in a business to know how their customers act and respond in certain situations. For example, for a business that has been operating for a few years, it should be noted from previous holiday season if your customers are more likely to make last minute orders or order things weeks and months before. This is important so that the business will be able to attend to last rush orders and have them delivered and processed before the dates they are needed. It stocks should also be checked and available for delivery in case of sudden orders.
  • Invest in mediums that would increase your website’s traffic. There are many ways in which an e-commerce site could reach out to customers. It is not advisable to invest in only one method when a couple of them used at the same time would result in a more effective result. Other mediums most commonly used include social media traffic, e-mail, organic search, referral, paid traffic and direct traffic.
  • Search Engine Optimization. This method is being used since the beginning of e-commerce and is proven to be very effective when done properly. When the holiday season is fast approaching, make sure that your site is already optimized for search engines. Add relevant holiday keywords that will surely be used by users online such as Christmas, Black Friday and Thanksgiving.
  • Social media presence. Your e-commerce should have a social media account and should be managed more visibly during the holidays. It is important to let other social media users know of your business and products and highlighting them in posts such as Paper Mart retail bags which is on top of the holiday must-have list for gift giving.

Internet Marketing – A Prominent Tool For Small Businesses

Internet marketing has become a prominent tool for businesses to reach millions of potential consumers. With the help of the internet, businesses have gained exposure in the global online marketplace. Businesses today can be advertised on a global scale similar to large corporations without the need to spend a fortune in offline marketing campaigns.

The benefits of internet marketing are the fact that your brand, products and services are shared and accessed 24/7 by people from all over the world. Consumers can visit your site at their convenience at any time they deem wise from any location. However, online entrepreneurs compete with each other which mean the need to improve on internet marketing strategies to increase traffic to your site. To be visible to search engines, your option is search engine optimization. Your goal in SEO is to improve the rank of website so that it will appear on the search results when web users type certain keywords.

Since your site shows all the products and services you offer, it saves you from spending on offline advertising like printed brochures and leaflets. Internet marketing cuts down your promotional expenses and operational costs to allow you to offer products and services at the most cost effective prices.

In a nutshell, internet marketing creates brand awareness. In today’s digital world, it is not enough to have a beautiful website if nobody knows about it. Email marketing allows you reach a large audience at a relatively short period of time. Your online marketing campaign can be tracked, measured and tested so that you will know which strategies are more effective.

Social media marketing allows you to interact with new and loyal customers. You can easily build a relationship because there is two-way communication. You can publish quality and informative content that can be liked and shared by your target audience on social media sites.

Most consumers search the web when they want to make a purchase for a certain product. Do not miss the opportunity to make a conversion by having a responsive web design that can be accessed through different platforms. Visit to create your own online store.

Successful Internet Marketing For Hair Salons


The web especially Facebook is a great place to connect with your existing and prospective patrons. Social media sites can be used to extend awareness about the expertise you offer and build salon loyalty. The list below recommends ways on how to successfully connect with clients on Facebook.

  1. Post intriguing contents

Facebook posts should attract users to interact. Post interesting trivia, information, videos or photos that are related to your salon’s image. Make sure they appeal to your audience’s curiosity to encourage communication. Be careful though that the posts attract positive reaction.

Examples of relevant posts of salon business are hair care strategies and trends. Short, concise and easy to read contents promote the most engagement since not everyone are willing to read lengthy posts.

  1. Let Facebook be your main communication portal

The current and rising number of Facebook users makes it the perfect site to interact with customers. Allow the social media site to be your way of answering clients’ questions. It is also a great place to ask for their suggestions. You can ask questions in which clients can freely give their ideas.

  1. Post plenty of photos

Use the social media site to highlight your best work. You have unlimited chance to posts pictures on Facebook so take advantage of it. It has been studied that pictures have 120% more chance of engagement compared to purely text. Clients need to see pictures to trust your services.

  1. Let your Facebook page function as a mini website

Provide all relevant information a client needs on your Facebook site which includes your contact information, address, services, operating hours and a link to your primary website. You can even allow clients to leave reviews on your page.

  1. Involve clients through competitions and freebies

People generally like free stuff. Contests and freebies do not only engage those who want to join but increase social sharing as well. Contest ideas for hair salons include photo-liking contests of hairstyles. Anyone can submit a photo of their hair; the one who has accumulated the most likes at a given deadline wins. Freebies can be a gift card for a salon service or a salon product like hair extensions Leicester.

Making Your Very Own Personal Paper Bag

Paper bags, like the ever handy Paper Mart paper bags, are very useful especially when you are out shopping for groceries. Not only are they a better choice for our environment, they can also be recycled and used repeatedly. But sometimes, the same things can get a little bit tiring. So if you are tired of using the same brown paper bag that is given out to you, then why not create your very own personal paper bag and one that is coupled with your very own touch?

Creating a paper bag is easy! All you need are some old magazines, newspaper, or you could even buy craft paper to make your paper bag even better. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you make your own decorative paper bag.

STEP 1: Cut the paper. This isn’t just your ordinary cutting. You should set a measure, preferably 9.5 x 15 inches. The most ideal material for this project would have to be craft paper or even patterned paper. But then again, it’s all up to you.

STEP 2: Put the paper on a flat surface. When you place the paper on a flat surface, make sure it faces your direction and it should be in the landscape orientation.

STEP 3: The bottom edge should then be folded. Make sure that you fold it up by 2 inches and remember to crease the fold. Afterwards, you unfold it because it will serve as the bottom of the paper bag.

STEP 4: Fold the sides. Look for the top and bottom edge center points and make sure that both sides connect. When it is folded, glue the edges so that the connected sides will hold. Crease the fold on the sides.

STEP 5: Flip it over and make sure the glued part is at the flat surface.

STEP 6: Fold the two creased sides inward in order to achieve an accordion-like appearance.

STEP 7: The bottom of the bag should be folded and glued. Afterwards, you pop the bag open. Put two holes on the upper center of the bag, the part that is near the mouth, on both sides of the bag.

STEP 8: Place the handles. Then you can put all the decorations you want.