Brand Awareness Through Internet Marketing Strategies

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year and based on reports, online shopping has clearly dominated traditional brick and mortar stores. What brick and mortar stores need is an online marketing strategy that will increase their sales substantially. Online searches for products usually result in sales for local stores which mean that an internet marketing strategy must include social media, SEO, email lists, blogs, affiliate marketing and many more.

The importance of research

Research is important to determine your niche market whether you want to focus your marketing campaign to a certain demographic or to encompass all internet users. Decide on your specific demographic and focus your online marketing strategies to this group. Aside from researching your market, it is important to study your competitors and what marketing strategies they apply. Your market research should identify how many Facebook followers your competitor has and how many customers comment on their blog entries.

Create a multi-faceted campaign strategy

In order to increase brand awareness, you need to launch several online marketing strategies that will increase traffic to your site and gain you leads. The following techniques are suggested:

  • Social media – is a powerful platform for marketing campaigns. According to Pew Research 74% of adults use social networking sites with 19% using Twitter. The growth of cell phone usage has made social networking sites accessible and it provides marketers with an opportunity to engage with their potential customers.
  • Blogs – can easily improve your SEO. Make certain though to write blogs that are unique, fresh and informative with keyword phrases related to your product.
  • Email lists – based on data from more than 100 retailers, email drove 27.3% of Black Friday’s online sales. Email allowed online shoppers to discover the best deals offered by different stores. Email is a direct communication to consumers to let them know about promos that are most relevant.
  • Videos – can be launched on your website or through YouTube. You can create videos of satisfied customers using your product that can draw interest from visitors.

However, it is important to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns through Google Analytics so that you can make comparisons on those that work effectively for brand awareness.