Common Online Marketing And SEO Mistakes

In a recent interview with Oliver Wood, he said that internet marketing can be a very unpredictable subject and there are no specific rules regarding how to properly use it as a strategy. Figuring out the best strategy of the company will depend solely on the business owners and the professionals hired to do the marketing and SEO or search engine optimization.

For a professional who have been in the business for year, it is not uncommon to find out that there are certain mistakes that could prove to be fatal to the business. Here are some of the most common mistakes that should be avoided:

– No strategy when it comes to the business’ onsite content. Before the update with Panda algorithm which was released by Google, it was a good time for businesses whose only focus is having a strong inbound link profiles which are responsible in steering traffic to their microsites without focusing on the content of their actual site. After the Panda update, everything changed since the update was more focused on the content of the site in order for it to be promoted by Google in search engine results. It means, without quality content, a website will not be ranked higher by google despite having the keywords. Google now has the capacity to identify between contents that are low quality from the high quality ones through these factors:
– Spelling, grammar and length of the content.
– Subheads and text formatting used.
– The quality and quantity of the inbound links as well as the social signals pointing to the site.
– The site’s outbound links.

– Giving up too soon. Like everything else, some things take time before you can fully see the result. Giving up too soon might be a wrong move which could have a negative impact on your business. As a company operating in these modern times, internet marketing should not be viewed as a short term strategy but rather a long term one.
– Allocating a small budget. There are companies offering to provide SEO services to businesses for a much lower fee but the result is sometimes less or not what is expected. There are those that compromise that quality of the content which could affect the traffic on the company’s page. Even after the recent update, there are still some SEO providers who provides service similar to the ones used before the Penguin update which is now ineffective.