E-commerce’ Guide This Holiday Season To Increase Sales


For online businesses, the holiday season is vital as it comprises a big percentage in the total sales of a company within a year. Revenue during the holiday is higher than any other time of the year. This is why this part of the year is important to every business whether online or a physical store. There are some things that can be used as a guide in order to increase sales during the holidays.

  • Get to know the customers. It is important in a business to know how their customers act and respond in certain situations. For example, for a business that has been operating for a few years, it should be noted from previous holiday season if your customers are more likely to make last minute orders or order things weeks and months before. This is important so that the business will be able to attend to last rush orders and have them delivered and processed before the dates they are needed. It stocks should also be checked and available for delivery in case of sudden orders.
  • Invest in mediums that would increase your website’s traffic. There are many ways in which an e-commerce site could reach out to customers. It is not advisable to invest in only one method when a couple of them used at the same time would result in a more effective result. Other mediums most commonly used include social media traffic, e-mail, organic search, referral, paid traffic and direct traffic.
  • Search Engine Optimization. This method is being used since the beginning of e-commerce and is proven to be very effective when done properly. When the holiday season is fast approaching, make sure that your site is already optimized for search engines. Add relevant holiday keywords that will surely be used by users online such as Christmas, Black Friday and Thanksgiving.
  • Social media presence. Your e-commerce should have a social media account and should be managed more visibly during the holidays. It is important to let other social media users know of your business and products and highlighting them in posts such as Paper Mart retail bags which is on top of the holiday must-have list for gift giving.