What To Expect From Global Marketing Trends In 2015

By 2015, it is expected that more than half of the world’s population will have internet access with the largest increase expected from emerging markets. According to Internet Live Stats 40% of the world’s population have internet connection today which is translated to almost 3 billion internet users. Mobile usage continues to expand with the growth of the internet and more and more brands capitalize on the opportunities to capture the attention of billions of internet users all over the world particularly in developing nations.

Global Marketing Trends You Can Expect For 2015

The importance of localization

One of the issues in developing countries is the difficulty of accessing localized content due to language barriers. Content that is not presented in the local language is an issue faced by internet users in emerging markets like Nigeria, Brazil, China, India and Vietnam. Localization is crucial for the purposes of purchasing mobile apps as well as accessing content on news and health services. A localized approach will be significant to address the barriers of language and to access varying content whether on their desktops or mobile devices. It is also crucial to focus on the growth of mobile in non-English speaking countries.

Brands should reach consumers through mobile ads

There is no greater indication to the power of mobile than Facebook’s advertising revenue for the third quarter that increased by 62% to $2.96 billion. Two-thirds of the increase came from mobile meaning that mobile is the preference when accessing Facebook. As more consumers use their mobile devices to access social media sites, it is increasingly vital for businesses to target this specific audience. Even specific business, take for example Landscapia’s artificial grass, has harnessed the popularity of Facebook and created a page for their customers. No matter how little or specific the business is, social media gives an extra length in reaching those consumers. Facebook has risen to the challenge by providing outlets for businesses through the new Facebook mobile advertising strategy Facebook recognizes the intricacies of advertising through mobile and it has undertaken the first steps to completely transform the mobile ad experience.

Localized payment methods

Payment platforms should not pose a problem for consumers. They should allow consumers to pay for products and services based on their preferences because there are consumers who have do not have access to credit or banking facilities. This is revealed in Upstream’s “2014 The Next Mobile Frontier Report” on the preferences of 44% Nigerian customers to purchase content through their mobile operator.