Hotel Marketing Ideas: Some Tips From Practitioners

Marketing your business is very important. Good marketing can make or break your business, and hotels are no exception. The problem is that not only do you need to have a method that works, but is also noticeable enough for your target audience.  Here are some tips to help your hotel business advertise like a high class 3 star hotel in Bangkok, or Ibiza, or anywhere for that matter, from some respected names in the field of business.

  • Encourage and reward loyalty.
    • According to Square Inc., the financial services company, customers in loyalty programs are more likely to return to you. Square says they’re twice as likely to return. Maybe that isn’t exactly the case, but it’s a big boost, all the same. So encourage loyalty from your customers with a loyalty system that’ll reward them. They won’t just be customers, they’ll be patrons.
  • TripAdvisor better like you.
    • According to, TripAdvisor is one of the biggest names when it comes to travel-related content. So making your hotel look good in TripAdvisor is a good idea. Even if TripAdvisor may miscalculate, anything you do to improve your hotel’s quality and marketability is still, ultimately a good thing. No hotel anywhere, certainly not a 3 star hotel in Bangkok, would have a low score in TripAdvisor.
  • Blog it!
    • says that a blog is useful for generating traffic for your hotel online. Create good, useful content updated on a regular basis to help your hotel stand out. It might be difficult, but this can achieve two things: one, it makes your business/hotel seem more reliable, and two: it grants you a way of communicating with your customers.
  • Social media. Yep.
    • Social being as big as it is now, it’s got a lot of potential for businesses. Moneytized says that social media can be used to communicate with customers. That’s both very true and very useful. Being approachable and communicable from your customer’s point of view is a good thing: makes them more inclined to whatever you’re offering. Additionally, there are ways to track whoever visits your sites. These people are very viable audiences for (re)marketing, since they already showed interest in your content; they visited your site, after all.