How An Engaging Website Can Help You Sell House And Land Packages

Real estate is a booming business in Perth but it does not mean that real estate agents will not benefit from having a website. There is a very likely chance that someone will be looking for house and land packages through the web since it seems that everything is now being sold online. Real estate marketing definitely makes sense because it promotes all the properties you have in Perth not only for local clients but home buyers from other parts of Australia who may be interested at house and land packages. There are also global buyers who might be interested in owning property in Perth.

How to generate leads through a real estate website

1. It is very important for visitors to easily access your site and find out what they are looking for. This means navigation must be user friendly with all the right buttons that visitors can click on to find useful information about house and land packages. Make sure that your visitor will find the information he is seeking for in just a few seconds and not more than that otherwise; it will be very easy to click off and move to another site.

2. Engage the visitor with interesting content not only in the form of high quality images but useful information. It is also important to consider how to win the trust of the visitor because a relationship must be built on trust before the visitor can turn into a lead. Always have patience because according to the results of a NAR-Google Study that was released in 2013, 90% of home buyers start their search from the internet and they often spend between 3 to 18 months looking at homes before they eventually engage with the agent.

3. Considering the number of 3 to 18 months of relentless search online prior to engaging with an agent, it means that the website must be structured along this timeline with an additional 5- month period to maximize the ROI from the visitors.

Patience is extremely important because a visitor who is not interested today may eventually become a valuable lead in the coming months. The fact that a visitor is looking for information means he is interested.