How To Have Fun And Effective Activities For Team Building

According to a study conducted by University of Central Florida, there are lots of benefits team building activities offers to organizations. Because of this, you will find most successful companies to allocate budget and schedule a time for outings, fellowship, team building and parties to celebrate and also as a way of showing its members appreciation for its contributions to the company. There are times when activities for team building are conducted to boost team spirit and performance and team spirit among members. If you are planning to conduct a team building, you might want to consider the following ideas.

Pick the right venue

In order to have an effective team building, choose a conducive venue. Factor in the number of participants and the amenities of the venue. Remember that activities for team building could require room for moving around so choose a venue that has extra space for games and activities. You can pick an outdoor or offsite venue in a nearby hotel for variety.

Choose the most suitable date

Personal and family time is important so do not take it away from your employees even if you are going to have an exciting activity. Set your schedule for team building on a weekday and during office hours. A Friday can also be a good pick since most tasks for the week are already accomplished.

Set team expectations

For an effective team building activity, set a team expectation so for the participants to understand the rationale the activity and appreciate it. Team buildings are conducted with specific goals and it would be best if these goals arepresented to the team prior to the activity.

Ask for feedback

After you conduct activities for team building, collect immediate feedback from the participants. This will serve as a guide to the organization in designing further activities whether connected to the previous team building or otherwise. The external facilitators can provide a feedback form for the participants but if the activity was facilitated by employees of the organization, you can make use of your in-house feedback mechanism.