Internet Marketing Strategies To Encourage Direct Bookings

The manager of an exclusive service apartment can’t help but ask on the type of internet marketing strategy that that will appeal to guests. Most hotels, serviced apartments, bed & breakfasts and inns have online exposure but it not enough to encourage direct bookings. Is there something wrong with the hotel’s website?

If the website is not performing as well as expected, it is important to check whether navigation is user friendly. Hotel managers should know that not all of their target audience is tech savvy. If the potential guest does not find the call-to-action button, it is very easy to transfer the search to another website or online sites that make it convenient to seek the cheapest accommodations.

If the website is not optimized for search engines, it makes sense to analyze the keywords used because they might be the reason why the hotel website is not ranking. The trend now in online marketing is the use of long tail keywords like exclusive service apartmentinstead of simply using serviced apartments to generate leads and conversions. It is also important to understand the competitive environment and what strategies they are using to attract more direct bookings.

It won’t hurt to visit the website of the competitors and look at their offerings. From their sites, you can gain an idea on how you can outperform them. You will also be able to identify the areas that need improvement. By accessing SEO software SEMRush, you can run reports that show the competitor’s site metrics. It is very likely that they are doing well with their online strategies like link building and SEO.

Social media plays a key role in the success of online marketing strategies for the hospitality industry. Facebook allows a hotel to interact with the target audience. On the other hand, Instagram provides the right messages to individuals who are dreaming of the next destination for their family holiday.

Having a unique selling point is also a must. For example, exclusive service apartment boasts of the best experience that appeal to guests from comfortable rooms to the fully furnished kitchen where guests can prepare their meals including a swimming pool and fitness centre.