Marketing Strategies For Ski Resorts

The ski resort industry can be very competitive, like any business field. With the modern age bringing in the advent of online everything, the sites of ski resorts are just as competitive with marketing as their physical counterpart. Sites like compete for the attention of customers on the digital space. So what’s a resort got to do to stand out from its competition? Here are a few tips

  • Subj: Personalized Promotions
    • Using e-mail to contact your customers, current, past, or prospective, can be a powerful thing. Newsletters, personalized e-mails showing your appreciation for their visit, etc. Nurturing your leads is a good way to boost your sales, and e-mails allow for that.
  • Blog me.
    • Company blogs are becoming more and more common. For very good reason. Company blogs allow you to share info to your customers that engages them in a way that’s different from simply running a site. Whether you’re promoting or offering tips to your customers, taking advantage of a company blog is a big thing.On the flip side, customer blogging can help just as much. Inviting travel bloggers to events, encouraging customers to blog about their experiences, etc. Sometimes, giving your customers the right incentive will let you generate traffic for nearly no effort.
  • Hit like and subscribe.
    • An active Facebook page is very useful. It allows you to share information to your customers in a way that’s unique to it. Facebook is very useful for sharing videos, photos, and the like. Additionally, you can use Facebook as a platform for scheduling business transactions. All in all, it’s a very useful and flexible tool, and since people use it so much, it doesn’t really take much for it to generate traffic.
  • “Call a friend”
    • Word of mouth advertising is very powerful; it’s one of the most trusted methods of marketing. So getting your customers to advertise for you via good reviews, posts about their experiences, and the like is very useful, as customers are more willing to trust what other customers say. All it takes is simply asking your customers to take 30 minutes to talk about your resort. For example, has reviews on its site, which gives you an idea on what to expect from the resort.