PPC Management Services

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Our PPC Process

Our 5 step PPC process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

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Our advanced PPC Services handle the analysis, design, copywriting, conversion and lead tracking, promotion, and optimization of ads. We have a variety of PPC management services packages from small to big organizations or enterprises.

  • Custom and Data-driven Ads
  • PPC Ads Tracking and Analytics.
  • PPC Campaign Management.
  • Paid Search Campaign.
  • PPC Advertising Across Multiple Platforms.

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Our unique strategy, plan and skills that sets us apart from the competitors.

  • Remarket by Your Business Oriented Keywords
  • Reverse Engineer Your Conversion Funnel
  • Use the Inverted Unicorn Method
  • Grow your B2C & B2B Business With Location Identification


PPC Campaign

A Campaign is a set of linked ad collections that is often used to establish groups of products or services that you offer. It provide features and settings based on the actions taken for your business.

  • Describe Your Marketing Goals.
  • Regulate and Classify Your target Audience
  • Set Campaign Timing and Promotion Budget
  • Measure and Analyze Results

PPC Campaign

PPC Optimization

Pay-Per-Click Optimization for investigating and refining your PPC campaigns at the campaign and ad group level.

  • Advance & Business Oriented Keyword Research
  • Catalogue Negative Keywords
  • Location & Demographic Based Targeting
  • Create a Conversion Worthy Landing Page

PPC Optimization

Analysis and Reporting

Online advertising reporting and analysis is one of the most time-consuming tasks on the search marketer’s to-do list. The Achievement Report is an updated reporting tool that creates spontaneous visualizations of your online advertising results, so you can:

  • Focus
  • Save Time
  • Retain Cost
  • Take Action

Analysis and Reporting

Services We Provide Under Pay-Per-Click

Boost lead generation with our PPC Services

Search Ads

Get audience attention and the ability to only pay when somebody involves with your ad.

Display Ads

Get your promotion live on top traffic websites that is visited by your clients and trade your services without being assertive

Shopping Ads

Running an e-commerce business store? Get your item promotion with awesome pictures before exceptionally intrigued purchasers with shopping advertisements

Remarketing & Retargeting

Show Ads to your previous visitors based on their browsing history.Both are having powerful relations that drive google ads.

Social Media Ads

Design extremely competitive ad campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram & grow your e-business profit and leads

PPC Campaign Audit

Improve the robustness of your PPC ads & fix critical campaign errors to boost ROI with professional PPC consultants