Prescription For Product Promotion: Tips For Pharmaceutical Content Marketing

Content marketing has enjoyed a recent rise in popularity in recent years, and, as such, businesses from every industry are now lining up to take advantage of the rising field.  Even pharmaceutical companies trying to sell their allergy medication or their HCG supplement are making moves to generate traffic using content marketing. But what does make for good content marketing?  Here are some tips to help pharmaceutical companies generate traffic.

  • The customer first. When marketing content, don’t emphasize your products and services. In this sense, content marketing isn’t a company reaching for a customer, rather, it’s the company helping a customer in a way that subtly promotes their product. The company isn’t just prescribing their product, the company is taking into account their needs, ideas and opinions, and offering help, with advertising a distant, and subtle, second.
  • Set benchmarks. This really goes without saying, any good advice regarding any sort of undertaking will say this. And will continue to do so. Setting specific, measureable and realistic goals regarding your marketing efforts allows you to decide what direction you’ll be taking your brand. Say your company focuses on more cosmetic pharmaceuticals, you can set your goal to be “increase Instagram traffic”, which can, and is easily quantifiable, meaning it’s easier to pitch to the higher ups than “spread word of our HCG supplement“.
  • It takes time. As mentioned before, content marketing is more along the lines of providing help for your customers, and building a relationship with them, in such a way that, whenever a problem arises, your company becomes a trustworthy source of knowledge. That kind of trust takes time to develop. So don’t expect instant returns on your investments, they’ll pay off in future dividends.
  • SEO, but not too much if it. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the measure of how easy it is for a search engine such as Yahoo! or Google. There are several key factors, including formulae and algorithms, in determining SEO, and it is quite useful in bringing in traffic for you, but relying on it too much leads to the content marketing process becoming robotic. As mentioned before, content marketing is about creating a relationship, and pure formulae and algorithm aren’t going to be of much use there.