Why Small Businesses Need Internet Marketing To Survive And Thrive

There are some businesses that do not actually sell anything online and yet they make the effort to maintain a website. Does it seem pointless for them to have online presence considering that products and services are offered in a brick and mortar store in the city? Ten years ago, businesses have a choice whether or on to join the online bandwagon because people were not yet that addicted to the internet.

A business that has no online presence loses the opportunity to sell to one in four Americans who make at least one online purchase every week. It also loses the potential to generate leads and conversions from Facebook users and Smartphone users who prefer to search online for a product before eventually buying from a physical store. Today, having a website is not enough; it must be optimized for search engines and social media because it is where you will find potential customers.

Many small businesses complain of the lack of time and money to do online marketing. However, 85% of searches for products and services are conducted online which makes online marketing a must for a small business to survive and thrive. Being online means having a responsive and search optimized website with social media and email as part of the marketing mix. The good thing is online marketing is easy to do nowadays with automated marketing solutions.

Automated marketing solutions ensure consistent and frequent updates across different platforms. Whatever data is tracked from social media, email marketing and other online strategies can easily be measured to determine which of the marketing campaigns are most effective. Online marketing is not always about selling but promoting a presence in social media so that the physical location can be found. When hash tags are used, it helps customers connect to the brand to gain more traffic and leads.

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