Successful Internet Marketing For Hair Salons


The web especially Facebook is a great place to connect with your existing and prospective patrons. Social media sites can be used to extend awareness about the expertise you offer and build salon loyalty. The list below recommends ways on how to successfully connect with clients on Facebook.

  1. Post intriguing contents

Facebook posts should attract users to interact. Post interesting trivia, information, videos or photos that are related to your salon’s image. Make sure they appeal to your audience’s curiosity to encourage communication. Be careful though that the posts attract positive reaction.

Examples of relevant posts of salon business are hair care strategies and trends. Short, concise and easy to read contents promote the most engagement since not everyone are willing to read lengthy posts.

  1. Let Facebook be your main communication portal

The current and rising number of Facebook users makes it the perfect site to interact with customers. Allow the social media site to be your way of answering clients’ questions. It is also a great place to ask for their suggestions. You can ask questions in which clients can freely give their ideas.

  1. Post plenty of photos

Use the social media site to highlight your best work. You have unlimited chance to posts pictures on Facebook so take advantage of it. It has been studied that pictures have 120% more chance of engagement compared to purely text. Clients need to see pictures to trust your services.

  1. Let your Facebook page function as a mini website

Provide all relevant information a client needs on your Facebook site which includes your contact information, address, services, operating hours and a link to your primary website. You can even allow clients to leave reviews on your page.

  1. Involve clients through competitions and freebies

People generally like free stuff. Contests and freebies do not only engage those who want to join but increase social sharing as well. Contest ideas for hair salons include photo-liking contests of hairstyles. Anyone can submit a photo of their hair; the one who has accumulated the most likes at a given deadline wins. Freebies can be a gift card for a salon service or a salon product like hair extensions Leicester.