The Importance Of Reading Pattern On Website Content

During a conference that I recently attended, I asked one of the guys from Perth Web Design on what is the most efficient process to grow a business or brand. I am now sharing with you the answers that I got from the guys at Perth Web Design.

Having a website is no longer enough for a business

It is not enough for a business to have a website; maintaining a blog is one of the most effective ways to get the business in front of your audience. Effective and fresh content in the company blogs will help in building authority in the industry and help a site rank higher in search engine results. Content marketing is the simplest form of communicating with your audience without directly selling a product. The relevant information provided by your blogs will help in making purchase decisions. Contrary to what many businesses believe, blogging is not a waste of time because marketers that have prioritized blogging are more likely to gain positive ROI. However, it is important to ensure that people will actually read the content you post.

How do internet users read content?

Your audience will skim and scan your content looking for the information they want. However, reading web content is not like reading a book where the gaze moves from left to right to follow the words in the page. Online content is read though a pattern through which the reader scans content in a roughly shaped F that starts from the left corner, two horizontal swipes across the page then swipe vertically down to the left. A visitor can make instant decisions on whether the web page is worth reading from this dominant reading pattern. If your content does not provide the relevant information that is sought for, your audience won’t be able to go past reading 20% to 30% of your post. It is therefore critical for writers to put the most important content in the opening sentences and paragraphs so that when users see it, they will immediately know that it is the information they want. A good way to start content is to summarize it into 2 or 3 paragraphs so that the visitor will immediately get the message.