The To-Do List In Marketing

If you are looking to increase traffic on your website and encourage more visitors to your site, there is an important to-do list you should consider. You may have been doing some of these already while others are things you meant to try but always forgets to do so and there are also things on the list that you might not know about until today. This article will only focus about promotion and how to market your website to customers.

First on the to-do list are search engine strategies.

  • This involves coming up with a page title that is rich with keywords. Every page should have a descriptive title utilizing only around 5 to 8 words. Filler should be avoided where possible.
  • A META tag description should be present in your page. This will appear under the hyperlinked title once shown by the search engine and is usually one or two sentences long. Remember to use only relevant keywords.
  • Either one or two of your headers should feature your desired keywords.
  • The keyword should be contained inside the first paragraph of your content because it is assumed to be included in the introduction. It should be written naturally and should not sound forced.
  • Images should contain keywords in the ALT attribute to help it rank higher and will help the sites overall optimization.
  • Important keywords should be displayed in hyperlink as this is interpreted by search engine as an essential part of the site.

Second on the list involves strategies for linking.

  • Don’t forget to submit your website to major directories because it will boost your ranking and will help your site get more traffic.
  • If your website is focused on a specific industry, submit it to a directory for that industry as well as trade associations where it belongs.
  • Guest blogging is now a common thing. You will be able to write for other sites while marketing your website at the same time. It is ideal to write for a site more popular than yours to reach a wider audience.

Third on the to-do list of marketing strategies is social media which covers blogging, social media platforms and online forums.