About Us

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Who We Are

WebLogix E-Solutions is a dynamically managed, commercially focused, totally technically oriented digital marketing firm with several years of proven experience. For our consumers worldwide, we have produced several strong brand interactions. As a digital marketing company, we offer professional SEO audits, search engine marketing strategies, lead generation, and Google AdWords Advertising in highly scalable and successful business marketing campaigns.

With a trained team of in-house advertisements, We aim to deliver the results you need from the industry’s top digital experts and or internet marketers. Our first-class services are managed by a team that offers a smart strategy and help. We work with you and establish relationships that address your marketing needs.

Who We Are


Vikram Yadav, Founder

Vikram Yadav, partner & member of India’s top SEO and digital marketing agency (www.googletrackers.com) and has many success stories. Encouraged by the ambition to create something great, Vikram Yadav joined hands with Amit Ranjan to build the next-generation SEO and Digital Marketing Service Providing Agency, Weblogix E-Solutions. Possessing extensive digital marketing knowledge, He sees to design, build, test, and execute performance-driven marketing strategies. He has an attitude that firmly believes in achieving measurable success for its clients while delivering measurable growth campaigns.

Amit Ranjan, Founder

Being an Engineering Graduate & the Founder of Weblogix E-Solutions has always been on a mission to help people realize and live up to their fullest potential. He believes creativity should be accessible to all. However, most people just don’t have the right tools. He is an experienced pro, with hands-on experience in digital marketing services, lead generation, and business marketing. His business and marketing know-how is often praised. It’s no surprise that Amit Ranjan is one of the most successful entrepreneurs as far as offering innovative digital marketing services are concerned.