PP Properties


Real Estate is a very fast growing business and day by day it is becoming the most profitable and fastest growing business in term of Urbanization. We have noticed that different channels have been growing very fast in the market as Brokers, Resellers and Agencies. They wanted to adapt Search Engine Optimization strategy as well as E-Mail marketing. Being in a competitive industry, the main challenge was to rank it high for important industry related keywords and most importantly for the generic keywords like real estate listings, real estate for sale, land for sale and real estate sales. A long-term plan of SEO and Link Building aimed at influencing the site’s organic rankings was required. . They needed a powerful tool to create, send and track its E-mail marketing. They wanted to use email to announce its new resources. The organization needed something that would effectively integrate its own customer databases with its email marketing.

pp sessions

40.34% Increase in sessions

32.12% Increase in number of users

51.04% Decrease in bounce rate

25.44% Increase in Traffic


As we are experts in the search engine marketing services, we understand your online business requirements to achieve online Marketing Objectives. We treated the sites on page optimization by carrying deep level of optimization and SEO copywriting of the articles of the website. A suitable link building campaign was drafted, which steadily improved the site's ranking for the keywords over time. We redesigned its website to include a registration form for its various email alerts. Marketing by email is probably the most effective way to attract new customers, keep in touch with existing ones and cut costs.


As long as taking suggestions and provide the content, build the links, redesign your pages the rankings will come top. Website will be moved from virtually no page ranking and listing on the search engines to being in the top ten in many of the most important keywords. Daily traffic to the site has increased. Regular email contact with its customers has helped the company to increase customer retention rates. The client now owns an updated opt-in email database that can be used in future marketing ventures to.