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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable
content of a page when looking at its layout

Our SEO Process

Our SEO process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

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At Weblogix E-solution, we help you establish your search engine optimization (SEO) foundation and build the right methods and strategies to suit your business needs.

  • Project brief: Define client information & business goals
  • Keyword research: Define potential target keywords.
  • SEO audit: Create current baseline for SEO.
  • Competitive analysis: Define SEO competitors.

Discover Opportunities


Our SEO services have strategic to enhance visibility in the search results to produce qualitative, targeted traffic to your website  and to drive more traffic & sales with our SEO experts and get rank of your website on google with the right keywords.

  • Link: We develop many techniques and events to draw relevant & suitable links that will, in turn, help you build your ranking
  • Lead Generation: Lead generation is the method that you fascinate and get persons to give you their contact details to you.
  • Brand Awareness: Our talented digital marketers will help you attract the customers and supports you to optimize your website.


On-site Optimization

Onsite opimizatin mainly refers to on-page Seo. On-site SEO contains making sure your website pages, titles, tags, content and all website structures are optimized for your target keywords. It mentions to optimizing both the content and HTML source code of a page.

  • Meta Title: Define your page title in less than 70 characters
  • Meta Description: Describe your page content in less than 170 characters.
  • Text-To-Html Ratio: Maintain this ratio in order to rank high.
  • Website Speed: Accuracy and speed of website is the pillar of ranking high on google.

On-site Optimization

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing method focused on creating and allocating valuable, applicable and reliable content to attract and recall an audience-to drive profitable client action.

  • Add Quality Content to increase Traffic to your Website
  • Develop Niche Specific Content
  • Save Time & Cost at the same time
  • Add Keyword Oriented Content

Content Marketing

Analysis and Reporting

The process of discovering data and reports in order to excerpt meaningful visions which can be used to well understand and recover business performance known as Analysis.The process of forming data into informational précises in order to screen or monitor how different zones of a business are acting called reporting.

  • Get Detailed Performace Report
  • Traffic Analysis Report
  • Keyword Ranking Report
  • Enhancement & Optimization Report

Analysis and Reporting

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Fetch more traffic to your website and improve google ranking with the help of new established techniques we offer

To improve the presence of the business online and accomplish the demand for sales, we provide business-oriented, unique and reliable services. Website traffic is an important role of business growth and help you to see how your marketing is working, improve your SEO and search engine credibility.

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Save time and money
  • Connect with pre-qualified customers

Free SEO Audit

    Services We Provide Under SEO

    Adding more traffic to your website in order to enhance online presence

    On-Page SEO

    On-page SEO is the performance of enhancing different parts of your website that affect of your search engine rankings.

    Off-Page SEO

    Off-page SEO emphases on increasing the specialist of your domain through the performance of getting links from other websites.

    Local SEO

    By executing Local SEO, your site is ranked higher on the google result page for your keywords applicable to the goods and services that you have.

    eCommerce SEO

    E-commerce SEO takes search optimization to an entire new level. It stores huge potential to attract customer for your e-commerce business from search engines.

    Components of Search Engine Optimization

    Page Titles

    Writing related and effective pages title.

    Meta Description

    Effective use of desired keywords.


    Heading structure with appropriate keyword selections.


    Creating and submitting HTML site map.

    Use of Media into Articles

    Search engines detect your article as a quality article. that help your web ranking.

    Use Keywords in Article Title

    Use main keywords in title so that search engines reads finds them easily.

    Use H1 Element, H2 & H3

    Size heading elem ents are used to determine important elements of a web page.

    Use Internal Linking

    Internal linking is an effective method to increase SEO perform ance.

    PA and DA are high

    Determining the quality of a website or blog
    on search engines.

    Relevant anchor text

    Having relevant anchor text will make the domain
    authority higher.

    Permanent Backlinks

    We will create valuable backlinks that will
    not be deleted.

    Do follow status

    A link that tells search engines to follow the
    intended page.

    Keyword research

    Determining keyword specific to a customer business
    for search engines.

    Sort keywords by low/high competitiveness

    Having short term keywords with less number of competition
    authority higher.

    Analyze keywords that are used by competitors

    Look for keywords that your competitor uses
    to maintain online presence.

    Choose optimizable keywords

    Choose the keywords that generate traffic and is specific to your business

    Total Visit

    Total number of organic traffic
    will increase.

    Visit Duration

    Amount of time spent in a web page
    will increase.

    Bounce Rate

    Bounce rate will decrease i.e., people will start taking
    action in the website.

    Global Ranking

    Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other
    sites in the world.

    Local Ranking

    Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other sites
    in the local area.

    Category Ranking

    Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other sites
    in that category.

    Code Optimization

    For optimal performance, we will suggest
    minifying the codes.

    Image Optimization

    Reduce size of the images that will allow the website
    to load faster.

    Keyword Optimization

    Optimize keywords for different
    search engines.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    SEO helps you increase your brand’s web visibility through improved search rankings. The more the visibility the greater will be the chances of lead generation.

    Ethical SEO requires both effort and time investment. Our specialist offers you a basic web review and keyword term plan within the first week. We guarantee the search engine and the directories continue to display returns from our initial efforts.

    If you want to analyze traffic then you need Google Analytics, for checking impressions & clicks by checking the current keyword’s performance or ranking, you can opt for Google webmaster tool.

    Yes. We offer good discounts without compromising any quality in case you take our help for multiple or bulk projects. Our aim is simple to see you smiling. All our efforts are guided by client satisfaction.

    Not at all. We never go for any short cut or wrongly means. Since one mistake can prove fatal for our client’s website and above all we don’t want to ruin our relationship with the clients. Therefore, we never support this idea.

    Yes. We can. Not just we recover your website from Google Penalty, but we also help your website regain ranking which is not that easy. But we do it all for you.

    The answer to this question depends upon your SEO package and pricing. For more details in this, you can get in touch with our support team. Or drop us a line.

    We use Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, SEM Rush, Moz, and all other similar tools. Our motto is to get accurate results, analyze them, and churn out some successful SEO strategy for you.